Great is our Lord and of Great Power...


Thanks for stopping by our webpage. We hope the Lord will richly bless you. Take a look around to find out more about us and our ministries.  We apologize that some of our pages are underconstruction.  We hope to see you at one of our events.






And He Gave Some Prophets...

The Prophetic is one of the 9 gifts that the Lord gives and is spoken of in the Book of Corinthians. This gift is the spoken word of God which is the mouthpiece of God.  In this ministry we edify the body of Christ, give direction to one's life, pray for healing, deliverance and any other blessing or word the Lord would want to give in a particular person's life.


Community Outreach


This is the ministry where we evangelize and give to the community.  The Lord spoke to always be mindful of the poor and to help those in need.  We at Rhema Word have a heart to give and help others.  Some of our campaigns are Give Bread. We distribute food for Thanksgiving to those in need.  We also have Toy of Joy where we distribute toys to those in need and food.   We partner with the Dept of Social Services in Prince George's County and other churches in the area.  We also assist with rental payments.


Women's Ministry

Women of Worship, Prayer & Faith (WWPF) is a ministry to help women further a deeper relationship with God through worship, prayer, faith and the Word of God.

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