Our Name

Rhema (??µa in Greek) literally means an "utterance" or "thing said" in Greek.[1] It is a word that signifies the action of utterance.[2]

Ministry Info

The ministry started in May 2001 out of obedience to the Lord.  The Lord instructions were to have a prophetic conference and bring a Pastor up from Atlanta, Ga. The following 3 years the Lord spoke the same word and it was so.  It wasn't until the 5th year that the Lord spoke and said this is ministry and gave the name Rhema Word Ministry.  After adding a few other ministries, Women of Worship Prayer & Faith (WWPF)  and Community Outreach, we then added Ministries to the name.  In May 2009 we established the ministry with the state of Md. and in 5/2010 we filed for our 501c3 status and received it from the IRS.

Rhema Word Ministries is a ministry to help people develop a closer more intimate relationship with the Lord through the prophetic word, worship, prayer and faith.

Our Core Beliefs

Vision - Our vision is for the world to receive the gift of salvation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  To live in communities were lives are changed; where sickness and diseases are cured by faith in the Word of God.  To help end hunger in our communities and teach women not only biblical principles through the word, worship and faith but teach them skills so, they can acquire jobs. 

Mission - Our mission is to preach the Gospel of Jesus in our communities, pray and heal sick, lead and guide God's people with his word.  Teach women godly principles and career skills.  To feed the hungry, cloth the naked, provide shelter and any other needed items through our community outreach program.


Both our internal work and our work with individuals, organizations and the community will inspire and encourage cooperation.

  • The best decision will be the decision that provides the best end result for the highest number of participants and the communities we serve.  If it is not good for everyone affected, it is not good for Rhema Word Ministries (RWM).
  • We will treat all parties involved with respect, compassion, generosity, and with honest dealings.
  • We will show the love of Christ to others by walking in Love.
  • Any information obtained while working, volunteering and/or participating with RWM will be kept confidential.
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